• Château de Thozée











    Photo G. Focant © SPW

  • The ruins of the medieval castle of Walhain











    Photo G. Focant © SPW

  • La Royère Castle ruins in Néchin











    Photo G. Focant © SPW

  • Trazegnies Castle











    Photo G. Focant © SPW

  • The Great Theatre of Verviers











    Photo J. Spitz

Wallonia Heritage Institute join us

The Wallonia Heritage Institute is a public agency of the Wallonia Government in Belgium. It manages the Heritage Skills Centre, oversees the development of regional listed monuments and pursues a heritage awareness policy. The Institute helps the owners of certain private and public listed monuments to restore their properties and, sometimes, work out a change of use for the building. The Wallonia Government defines the list of historic buildings entrusted to the Institute’s care.


The Property Unit

The Wallonia Heritage Institute’s property unit, a team of art historians, architects, economists and lawyers, helps owners with official procedures and paperwork, with the search for investors and sponsors, works out financing plans and legal schemes for saving monuments. Most of the monuments entrusted to the Institute are in need of major investment for restoration or preservation.

Therefore, the Institute raises money. Funds are to be collected through « King Baudouin Foundation United States », based in New York.



Catalogue available to download (PDF)





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